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Empowering the music industry; The Fanisi experience

The 13th Edition of the Fanisi experiment, held at Geco café on February 7th,2024, turned out to be a success, solidifying its reputation as a vital platform for the Kenyan Hip-hop scene. Fanisi’s commendable commitment to supporting the genre through free entry created an inclusive space for both artist and fans. Some Hip-hop artist such as HR the messenger, Wakadinali, Hakimi-wakadinali’s manager, Saisa, Sudough and Tulia were present. They came […]

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Ideas of how to make money in Kenya without a job

Making a living without a job may seem daunting, but with a little creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, it is possible. Here are a few ideas on how Kenyans can make a living without relying on traditional employment: Starting a business - This could be anything from offering a service like cleaning or tutoring, to selling products online or in a physical store. It's important to identify a gap in the […]

todayFebruary 8, 2023 40 3


Preventing Youth Suicides in Kenya

Preventing youth suicides in Kenya requires a collaborative effort from families, schools, communities, and government agencies. Here are some ways in which these groups can help prevent suicides among young people in Kenya:   Raise Awareness: The first step in preventing suicides is to raise awareness about the issue. This can be done through community meetings, workshops, and public speaking events where experts can educate people on the causes and […]

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